Genie Hardee

Learn Qigong, and Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation with an experienced, inspired and dedicated teacher.

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InJoy beautiful moving meditations and Neigong meditations which support mastery of the mind and emotions.

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Teacher Training

Learn to cultivate and transform your own Qi so that you may then share the Qi with others.

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About Qigong Genie

Qi = Life Force Energy. Gong: Cultivation, Transformation, Alchemy. A practical spiritual path where you gain physical, mental, emotional health and balance. Qi (Conscious Energy) is the medium through which the Creator creates the universe. Learn to communicate with and work with Qi to heal and be healed.

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Comments & Feedback

I love Genie’s classes and her easy going flow and support. She is a great qigong teacher.

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