Genie Hardee

Education in Traditional & Classical Chinese Medicine


  • 2 years full-time acupuncture training with Stuart Watts (Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine)(1980-82)


  • 1 year post graduate acupuncture training with the Brisbane College of Oriental Medicine (Australia 1986)


  • Medical Qigong training with Master Jirong Zang (Australia 1991-93)


  • Qigong training with Master Mantak Chia, Master Zhong Xian Wu, Micheal Winn, Jerry Allen Johnson, and others (USA 1997 and ongoing)


  • Certified in Asian Bodywork Therapy(A.B.T.) by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) (2005). She was one of the first practitioners to pass the national exam in Asian Bodywork Therapy


  • Passed the Oral and Demonstration Exam given by the American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA) (2002) to qualify as an instructor and course developer in Asian Bodywork Therapy.

For over 40 years, Genie has studied, practiced and been a teacher of the healing arts. She played an important role in the development of the Naturopathic and Bodywork / Energywork professions in Australia (1983-1995) She organized and was a major teacher for 3 colleges, and worked in Medical clinics.

Genie offers healing sessions with energy work and teaches classes. She also offers (QHHT) Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique sessions. Please view her other websites for these services. Click on the website preview image below to link to the website.


Qigong is a practical Spiritual Path.


Qigong  is pronounced Chee gung.


QI = Life-force Energy


Gong = Cultivation, Mastery


The Chinese Government coined the term Qigong, replacing the name Chi Kung (used until about 2000 AD). The origins of spiritual practices known today as Qigong are obscured by the mists of time. Ancient Chinese shamans  were intimately in touch with Life Force energy (Qi). They could feel it and see it.  They discovered that they could communicate with Qi. They discovered that Qi is the link between The Pure Consciousness of The Creator and the material world. It is the medium through which the Creator creates the Universe, ourselves, and the 3 rd dimensional reality in which we live.


These ancient mystic sages discovered that they could communicate directly with  Qi and that Qi loved to dance with human beings, that Qi responded to deliberate, meditative movement. Through communication with Qi, Chinese shamans became co-creators, able to work magic and to heal. The umbrella term Qigong is  used to describe many different spiritual practices.


These include:


  • Movement forms (Qigong Forms, exercises and taichi)


  •  Neigong and NeiDan (meditation practices, inner alchemy,opening and developing your energy matrix)


  • Medical Qigong – Energywork healing


Movement Forms


Qigong forms are short, powerful sets of movements, which connect you to Earth and Universal Qi, moves Qi, and cultivates (builds  up….increases ) Qi.


Nei = Inner


Gong = Alchemy (transformation)


Neigong is the name given to spiritual practices that take place in the mind. They can take the form of standing or sitting, non moving meditation practices. The meditator uses her/his Yi (mind intent) for specific purposes.


The meditator communicates with Qi to open up and circulate, cultivate the inner personal energy matrix. She/He can also connect with nature and the Universe. The ability to heal oneself and to heal others may be developed. Breathing techniques are used to increase one’s Qi and mind techniques for storing and using this stored Qi.

Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong is the English name, which has been designated by the Chinese government for China’s Energywork Healing System.




  • Having enough energy for the body to function.


  • Energy balance…the right amounts throughout the whole system, each organ system having the right amount.


  • Energy is supposed to constantly move. If it slows down and becomes stagnant, disease and illness develop.


Medical Qigong Techniques


  • Breakup and purge stagnant energy, move energy pathways (channels)


  • Increase vital energy


  • Balance energy systems


Medical Qigong Healers


First and foremost the Qigong Healer is a teacher, because the best and most effective healing is helping others heal themselves. Medical Qigong Healers give homework prescriptions in the form of prescribed Qigong movements, sound therapy, self massage techniques, and practical advice. The Qigong Healer may also offer Qigong classes, and heals by teaching this healing art.


The Medical Qigong Healer heals her/him self, and cultivates enough energy to have a surplus to be used for healing others. The Qigong Healer is a clean, clear, open channel for Healing Energy. Because the Healer knows the Energy Matrix, and can communicate with Qi, Healing happens.